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Attendee Paid Coat Check

Your attendees pay directly for each item checked, this is known as “Cash & Carry”.

Here is how it works:
​​1) Each item checked is charged directly to your attendee at $4.00 per item per day.

2) Event/Show Manager will guarantee a “minimum charge” or “Minimum Number of Checked Items”.


​​3) This minimum guarantee covers the costs of the labour for the service. As much as we want to be popular, and have everyone check their coats, the weather and the temperature ultimately decide how much, or how little, attendees use the coat check.

1 Day Event minimum:

$600/day (equivalent to 150 checked coats total)

2 Day Event minimum:

$900/event (equivalent to 225 checked coats total)

3 Day Event minimum:

$1200/event (equivalent to 300 checked coats total)

*Based on 8 hours of operation. For additional hours of daily operation, an additional fee of $50.00/hour per attendant.


​​4) If your attendees use of the coat check meets or exceeds the “Minimum Guarantee”, there is no charge to the Event/Show Manager.


​​5) If the minimum guarantee is not reached by your attendee usage, the Event/Show Manager will be billed for the outstanding balance.

Contact us for more information at (416) 891-0025.

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Important Notes

Set-up fees of $150.00 install and $150.00 dismantle may apply. This is for the set-up and tear down of the equipment. 


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