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3 MORE "C'S"

The following will give you an idea of what we face maintaining a high service speed, while smiling and saying “have a great day”. All “service” challenges take up at least one person. If your coat check has 300 people departing all at once and you are serving alcohol there will be "complications" that will require higher service levels.


Forgot Something?

“I forgot my Phone / smoke / vape /wallet / car keys / lip gloss”. We get the coat, bring it to your guest and then re-check it.



We usually set up a “smoking rack” to check and re-check the coats for smokers. Depending on the group, smoking "re-checks" can add 30% to what we do.


lost ticket

No other challenge has the potential to slow down service like a lost ticket. 



Picture all of these challenges multiplied 10x with the addition of alcohol.


Boot & shoe check

Many customers want to hang boots in a bag with their coats as the same item. We treat this as a separate item for a few reasons. 1) The boot bag takes up a lot of space on the racks, it would increase the number of racks we need 2) many boots are wet, and the bag leak’s over other people’s coats. 3) checking boots and shoes “IS” at least double the work, it should be a separate item and charged accordingly.


mixed-up tickets

A group checks in, they leave at different times with the wrong tickets.


That's not my coat

We’ve had more than a few of these. The client states that the coat they have checked is not theirs, (It really is). This one is tough, it takes one person to deal with and usually occurs on the departure.

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