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frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of having a Coat Check at my event?
    CheckT provides your guests a safe and secure location to store their outerwear and baggage and belongings, giving them hassle-free peace of mind to enjoy your event. CheckT services reduce trip-and-fall hazards associated with having belongings left at tables and draped over chairs. CheckT adds a special touch of class to your event, setting the tone for what is sure to be a most memorable event!
  • How many coats should I plan to accommodate at my event?
    During the fall & winter months, plan on 85% to 90% of your guests bringing outerwear that they will want checked weather dependent.
  • How many coats or items can fit on a coat rack?
    Our standard coat rack's usually are set for 25 coats or units. This can go down to 15-20 units per rack in especially cold weather as the coats are thicker / heavier.
  • How long should I schedule CheckT to service my event?
    We recommend that CheckT services are set up ready to accept outerwear, baggage and gifts 30 minutes prior to the official start of your event, and plan to have our service available for yourself and your guests until the end of your event. We are happy to start our service earlier to accommodate event staff as they prepare for your event.
  • Will someone stay at the Coat Check station during the entire event?
    Your Coat Check attendant will do their best to never leave your guests’ belongings unattended. If you have only one, (1), attendant, breaks for the washroom and a lunch/dinner break must be discussed.
  • What is “Gift Reception and Oversight”?
    We are able to receive your gifts for you, place them in a predetermined secure location, and monitor that they remain safe during your event.We will make sure that each card is securely attached to its package, and assist you in loading your gifts into your or your representative’s vehicle for transportation home. This may require an additional attendant dependent on the size and location of your event.
  • Is there a way to have Coat Check service without having to use tickets?
    Yes! For re Registered Guests or we are happy to use an alphabetized guest list you provide to keep track of each of your guests’ coat check numbers. This is a great way to individualize your event experience.
  • Can I pay by credit card for my coat check services?
    Yes! We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX. We require you to fill out our Credit Crad Authorization Form and send back to us.
  • Can my attendee's pay by debit or credit card for their $4.00 coat check?
    Yes, debit cards are accepted as onsite coat check payment.
  • How do I claim my item if I have misplaced my ticket?
    It is our policy to make every attempt to distinguish which item belongs to your guest, and get it back to them at the time they request it. This includes asking for a detailed description of the item and identifying marks or items in or on the item that would clearly distinguish it as belonging to your guest. If this process is not successful, though it usually is, we can not give out items without a number until the end of your event after all the other items are claimed to ensure the safety of all of your guests’ items.
  • Is there a minimum order for ordering coat racks?
    There is no mimnimum order, you can order one, (1), or 100.
  • I forgot my item at the coat check, where can I claim this?"
    Unclaimed items will be kept for 1 month in our lost and found. After this time they will be donated to a local charity. If you have left a loved item behind click here for details to recover your item. Please go to the CHECKT website @ www/ CHECKT.CA and fill out the lost item form. Please call 416-891-7469.
  • Can I order my Coat Rack or Coat Check through the facility?
    Yes, at the International Centre you can order CHECKT services through your Event Manager.
  • What about tipping?
    Tipping coat check attendants is common courtesy. To accommodate this, CheckT will either place a “tipping bowl” at our coat check kiosk, or add a minimum rate of 20% to your bill.
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