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The VIP Express

VIP Express is the Coat Check equivalent to the 
"High Speed" driving lanes. In essence, this is a
no wait, dedicated Coat Check Express Service, The VIP.

Here are the options we can offer with this service:

Sponsored VIP

The VIP Express works well with a sponsor. You, the Event/ Show Manager determine a level of sponsorship for the VIP Coat Check and call us to see how we can put together a winning package. Give us a budget, and we'll see how we can help.


Remember, "speed" equals "labour" and this increases the cost of your VIP Coat Check.

The following options are available:
  • 43"-60" Monitor with sponsor logo at the Coat Check

  • Pre-printed and customizable CheckT coat tickets

  • E-mailed VIP Coat Check passes (print or phone display)

  • Red carpet and stanchions

  • Customizable coat check signage

  • Bag Hand out's at arrival or departure...or both

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