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Empty Factory


CHECKT can supply your Warehouse Sale with whatever you need. With 1200 rolling coat racks in stock, together with over 2000 tables, you can call us for the big sales, and for the small ones.


CHECKT’s large inventory of wheeled bins, dollies, pump trucks, folding chairs and indoor and outdoor stanchions means we have you covered for all of your sale requirements.


Thinking of transforming your own warehouse space into a clearance centre? Give us a call to provide a complete turn-key service. We can provide the following for your own warehouse transformation:


Measuring of the space and planning to create an AutoCad plan for easy Fire Marshall submission & approval.


Cleaning of the space with our floor cleaning equipment to keep your goods clean and dust free.


Setting your space to the approved plan with tables, coat racks, change rooms, cash areas, rest areas and stanchions to create your own retail area(s).


We can bring the show to you!

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