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Red Carpet

Red Carpet & Stanchions

The ultimate event statement is to "walk the red carpet". Let us lay down the "red", and help you create the feeling of luxury, appreciation and tasteful elegance at your next event. Do it as part of your CHECKT Coat Check, or do it where you need to wow your guests.


Here's what we can do:


Indoor Red carpet - any length 

Outdoor Red carpet - any length 

Other colours of carpet are available 


We can custom cut the carpet to curbs, around pillars,
up stairs, on stages, just tell us where you need it.

Please note: We have carpet, however, it takes time to order, clean and prepare for your show. Ordering the 
"day before" may mean you won't get it. 

Carpet is similar to fabric, it's tough but it gets "walked on" and dirty. We clean, and we extract, and your carpet may have been used at other events. If you need "perfect" or "brand new" carpet, you have to let us know in advance. There is an additional charge for "brand new."

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