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Sponsored Coat check

The Sponsored Coat Check is one of the most visible
and one of the most appreciated services for your attendees.

Let your sponsor pick up the tab and we'll show you how
we can make the Coat Check your most valuable Event Sponsorship with the best ROI for your premier sponsors.

Here's what we can do:
  • 60" Monitor with sponsor logo or presentation
    at the Coat Check.

  • Pre-printed and customizable checkt coat tickets.

  • E-mailed VIP Coat Check passes (print or phone display)

  • Red carpet and stanchions

  • Customizable coat check signage

  • Bag Hand out's at arrival or departure....or both

  • Sponsor Coat Check available "at your booth"

  • Hard-wall Coat Check walls in black, white,
    wood paneling, or fully customizable with graphics.

  • Sponsor floor or carpet stickers directing attendees
    to the coat check.

  • Contact us for details on customization and what CheckT can create for your event.

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