Coat Rack Rentals

CheckT will provide daily coat rack rentals at the International Centre.

This is the rental of individual coat racks for the Conference Centre and Individual meeting rooms at the International Centre.

Daily coat rack rentals:

# of Coat Racks Unit Days            Unit Rate*               Last Minute Rate(same-day)

1-3                                                 $35.00 each           $45.00each

4-5                                                 $30.00 each           $40.00each

6-10                                               $25.00 each           $35.00each

11-20**                                          $20.00 each           $22.00each

21+**                                            $17.00 each            $20.00each

*Unit rate refers to the number of “Coat Rack Units” x number of rental days. For example, if the client rented 4 coat racks for 4 days, this would be 16 coat racks, and the rate would be $20.00 each.

** An additional one time $75.00 charge is applied for quantities greater than ten, (10), coat rack units. 

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