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Our exceptional services will ensure you make a lasting impression from coat check-in to event closing. 


• The VIP Express
• The “Sponsored” Coat Check

• Event Manager Support - A La Carte

• Step & Repeat banner with Living Wall

• Red Carpet & Stanchions

• Gift Bag Assembly & Distribution

Fireworks Show

VIP Express is the Coat Check equivalent to the "High Speed" driving lanes. In essence, this is a no wait, dedicated Coat Check Express Service, The VIP.

Here are the options we can offer with this service:


Sponsored VIP

The VIP Express works well with a sponsor. You, the Event/ Show Manager determine a level of sponsorship for the VIP Coat Check and call us to see how we can put together a winning package. Give us a budget, and we'll see how we can help.

Remember, "speed" equals "labour" and this increases the cost of your VIP Coat Check.

The following options are available:

  • 43"-60" Monitor with sponsor logo at the Coat Check

  • Pre-printed and customizable checkt coat tickets

  • E-mailed VIP Coat Check passes (print or phone display)

  • Red carpet and stanchions

  • Customizable coat check signage

  • Bag Hand out's at arrival or departure...or both

Two Men in Office

The Sponsored Coat Check is one of the most visible and one of the most appreciated services for your attendees.

Let your sponsor pick up the tab and we'll show you how we can make the Coat Check your most valuable Event Sponsorship with the best ROI for your premier sponsors.

Here's what we can do:

  • 60" Monitor with sponsor logo or presentation at the Coat Check.

  • Pre-printed and customizable checkt coat tickets.

  • E-mailed VIP Coat Check passes (print or phone display)

  • Red carpet and stanchions

  • Customizable coat check signage

  • Bag Hand out's at arrival or departure....or both

  • Sponsor Coat Check available "at your booth"

  • Hard-wall Coat Check walls in black, white, wood paneling, or fully customizable with graphics.

  • Sponsor floor or carpet stickers directing attendees to the coat check.

Networking Event

We all need a little help, especially when you are planning, organizing, building and managing your show.

You can let the CHECKT Team help you with the following:

  • Preparing and stuffing your hand-outs

  • Greeting, opening doors and welcoming your guests

  • Managing your exhibitor dolly's 


Need a way to say "I'm Here". Let CHECKT plan, print and set-up your "I have arrived" Step and Repeat banner.

Include the following options:

  • Step & Repeat banner

  • Red carpet

  • Stanchions and red, black, blue rope

  • Hard wall back-wall or lit fabric back wall 

  • Up lighting or downlighting 

*Please note: electrical service is not included and must be ordered separately.

Red Carpet

The ultimate event statement is to "walk the red carpet". Let us lay down the "red", and help you create the feeling of luxury, appreciation and tasteful elegance at your next event. Do it as part of your CHECKT Coat Check, or do it where you need to wow your guests.

Here's what we can do:

Indoor Red carpet - any length 

Outdoor Red carpet - any length 

Other colours of carpet are available 


We can custom cut the carpet to curbs, around pillars, up stairs on stages, just tell us where you need it.

Please note: We have carpet, however, it takes time to order, clean and prepare for your show. Ordering the "day before" may mean you won't get it. 

Carpet is similar to fabric, it's tough but it gets "walked on" and dirty. We clean, and we extract, and your carpet may have been used at other events. If you need "perfect" or "brand new" carpet, you have to let us know in advance. There is an additional charge for "brand new".


Your Event may need to distribute hand-outs like bags, gifts, attendee marketing materials and flyers.

CHECKT has the staff, experience and equipment to organize, collate, prepare, store and set-up your hand-out materials.

We can offer the following services:

  • Labour on-site to prepare your hand-outs.

  • Receive your marketing materials in our warehouse facility in advance of the show. 

  • Prepare your handouts in our facility ahead of your show dates. 

  • Ship to Show site in our very convenient wheeled bins.

  • You distribute, and we pick up the bins.

  • Fast, efficient, reliable, effective, easy.

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